Contact us: +371 22840833
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Contact us: +371 22840833

About us

DEKORATORI.LV is all about the collaboration of designer and client, talent and vision.

Our offer to you:

  • decorative painting of your premises, rooms
  • wall painting
  • large scale graffiti as well as grphic and murals and murals paintings indoors and outdoors
  • decoration of furniture and other pieces of interior, faux finishes paintings
  • decorative plastering of fireplaces
  • production of decoration for TV comercials
DEKORATORI.LV is a couple of highly educated creative artists with extensive experience in artistic design and faux finishes painting of premises. We passess wide knowledge of materials and tehnologies used in faux finishes paintings, as well as in art history and color theory.

Colour is very powerful, it can refresh a room and make it more vivid, it can influence peoples‘ senses and improve moods. Our aim is to help you in selection of most appropriate colour and texture solution for your interiors, as well as to make sure that your choice matches your lifestyle, your individual and emotional needs.
mob: +372 26698992
mob: +371 22840833